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How to know if you need to stop blogging now

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If you do not have a clear content strategy, if you are creating content on the fly with no consideration for what is happening to your clients and prospects out there in the real world – then you are simply adding to the noise – and in the world of online content creation it is getting REALLY LOUD out there.

You need to stop blogging and you need to stop now.

“Regularly create original content that is valuable to your audience” said every online marketer in the last 12 months. “Don’t stop blogging” they say (hell, we even said it ourselves!).

There has been a massive shift towards creating content that is valuable – many businesses have interpreted ‘valuable’ as giving away their IP. And understandably this has led to a lot of very hesitant, wishy-washy content that kind of speak to a group kind of like the kind of clients they might like to have.

Very unfocused.

The value of your content is not what you give, nor is it what you get back. The REAL value, for both you and your audience is the relevance of the information to the individual.

While the Internet gives you access to a massive potential audience, what is becoming increasingly clear is the need for people to be treated as – well – people, and not lumped into a group, or sub-group. Individual people with hopes, needs and problems to solve.

Before you hit the keyboard and start your next post – make sure you can answer these three questions:

1. Who is my audience?
If your answer is ‘I want to reach everyone’ then you are like a super-trawler, hoping to fill your net with so many fish, there is surely going to be one or two of the right fish in there… Get specific – who are you talking to?

2. What do they want?
It is very tempting to fit the client to the product or service you offer. In terms of your content, you need to know what your client is looking for – what do they need solved right now?

3. How do they feel?
How your audience feels when they decide to read your content determines not only the topic but the tone and the language of the article.

Make sure you know exactly who you are writing for – not a group, or a broad section of your imagined audience. Create content for an individual. There are a surprising number of individuals out there!

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