A 31-Step Roadmap For Generating As Much Revenue As You Can From Your Email List... Without Them Unsubscribing!

Your Email List Has Huge Potential. This guide Will Help You Leverage It.

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Before you spend time and money on a fancy new lead generation campaign, uncover the goldmine of leads you already have.

Your reputation is solid, you've been delivering exceptional services to a loyal client base for many years, but you know you could be doing better ...  

"We have all these people on our database and we want to remind them we are still here, and we have new things they might need - but we don't know how to stay in touch without annoying them..."

This is honestly the biggest fear our clients come to us with - we want to stay in touch with people but we don't want to be annoying.

Here's What Not To Send To Your Email List

  • frequent sending of emails (for no apparent reason)
  • impersonal (and ugly) newsletters
  • blatant self interest (look at us look at us)
  • only sending to sell something (usually at Christmas)
  • lack of anything interesting to say

You will have even more examples because we all have annoying emails in our inbox right now.

So How Do you craft emails that people enjoy receiving?

We show you how to take your existing database and leverage it to create a valuable and genuine email communication to keep your list engaged and your business front of mind when it comes to a purchase point. All without being annoying.

The 6 Stages Of Getting Your Business Ready For World Class Email Content

There are 6 key sections and 31 tips to get you started.


Tips on how to prepare your database


How to create a strategy for your newsletters


How to design your newsletter template


What to put into your newsletters


When to send your newsletters


What to do next.

About the author.

Camille has been helping service based businesses understand the power of creating strategic, well written content to attract the right leads to their business for over 5 years.

She believes any business, in any industry has the ability to attract and engage the kind of clients they love to work with, through the use of consistent, focused  communications such as regular newsletters.

What other's have said

Sam Buckingham

Voice artist

Incredible clarity

Content marketing is such a huge topic, yet Camille is able to cut through any confusion with simple steps and logical ways to get started - and keep going.

Katja Forbes

Managing Director,

Actionable tools

Camille is very engaging and deeply knowledgeable. She ran a workshop for my whole team, helping us work out the strategy and purpose for our content. Not only did she cover off the more high level 'whys' but she gave us practical, usable tools & techniques to support us in the 'how'. As a result, we are confidently creating quality content.

Jeff Chapman

Marketing Manager
LJ Hooker Home Loans

Knowledge meets engagement

With a large franchise network a key for us was to develop engaging and easy to use digital content. The tools Camille  developed to help us educate and train our network have been invaluable.

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31 practical tips you can implement in-house

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