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5 things that won’t happen instantly with your content marketing

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Create fresh new content for your audience”  is the buzz-phrase of the moment and businesses are jumping on the bandwagon of content marketing with a grab-bag of enthusiasm and expectations.

But it is the expectation of what content is capable of delivering that stops many businesses from staying the distance.

Here are five common content marketing expectations to wipe off your list before you start.

1) I’m going to create content everyday!

If you are a small to medium business owner or solopreneur there is a very good chance you have quite a lot on your plate already. You may be filled with passion for your business and always brimming with ideas. But after a week or two with a relentless ‘posting new content every single work day’ schedule, you may find that time is your biggest hurdle.
Start slowly and find your pace that way – remember:

Creation frequency = stamina ÷ enthusiasm

2) I will get my staff to contribute

This is a great idea – your employees are experts in what they do, they have passion and enthusiasm and they are great at their job. But without some training and a schedule that is built into their responsibilities, many employees look upon content creation as an optional extra at best, or to be avoided at worst. Make sure your staff have time, some training or guidance, and a schedule with deadlines to keep them accountable.

3) Create it and they will come

Well no, they will not come. Not without a lot of thought and effort on your part. Writing – or filming – content is only one small part of a bigger strategy. If you don’t have that in place, then you are effectively publishing in the dark. Content can take several months to build momentum. Your content needs a plan, and a strategy that blends in with your other marketing – both on and off-line. And you must be prepared to persist – content is not like a product launch – boom, we have THIS for you!  No, content is like growing a tree from seed. Time, patience and consistent nurturing are required.

4) Content will fix my SEO woes

There is no denying that content is a great way to catch the attention of search engines like Google – but again, you need to understand what the search engines are looking for (hint – it’s not what your readers are wanting) and make sure that you are incorporating those things into your content strategy.

5) Content will improve my sales

Again, content alone will not do much at all for your business – but a well planned and well-executed content strategy which maps out content creation, content broadcast, analysis, testing and measuring what is working and what is not  – will all help you find the right people. And the right people will buy from you if you have what they want, when they want it.

Make sure your content strategy has been planned out for at least the first 6 months with time set aside during month 5 to review and plan the following 6 months.


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