Prospects so loyal,
they call YOU first.


Understanding how and when to nurture people who are not at point-of-purchase is the very essence of marketing. 

Using content to move people into your marketing eco-system - and keeping them there with engaging material will build trust, credibility and create the kind of pre-sale loyalty other businesses dream of.

At the same time, you can establish your position as niche famous - sought after by those who matter, and invisible to those who are not your ideal client. 

The benefits don't stop there - enhanced brand awareness, increased business value and greater market share. The list goes on.

We've packaged up The Brilliant Strategy Framework and developed The Content Strategy Resource Centre to help businesses like you prepare your own successful content strategy so you can shorten your sales cycle, increase your market share and have prospects so loyal, they call you first.

Are you ready?

The Content Strategy Resource Centre

We strongly believe all businesses, from micro start-ups, side hustles, growing SME's all the way to large organisations will benefit from creating a strong content marketing strategy. It will increase brand awareness, build credibility, help you become niche famous and get you out of the feast-to-famine cashflow crisis. 

The Content Strategy Resource Centre has everything you need to create your own content marketing strategy, 12 month content plan, production schedule and resourcing. 

A sneak peek inside the Resource Centre:


A guide to the 2 ways you can use the Resource Centre, the pre-work you need to do and the files and workbooks you will need.


Creating your strategy
This is the foundation work you need to create a successful content marketing strategy. It is the most comprehensive section of the Resource Centre.


The 12 month content plan

One of the most important steps is creating a tangible plan which is strategic, achievable and measurable. It is also one of the most fun parts of the process.


Content production

Now it is time to decide how the content assets will be created. We show you how to resource your content production in a way that works with (not against) your business.


Getting the most from your content

There are many ways to maximise the impact of your content assets. In this section, we show how to get the most from your efforts.  


Self-paced access to everything you need to implement our proven Content Strategy Framework



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  • Self-paced learning
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Don't believe what we say, get a second opinion:

Kate Fenner
Founder, Kandoo Equine

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful Content Strategy course. As a horse trainer, I am possibly not your most common type of client, but the course was fabulous for me. I’ve been marketing my online training product for some years now and I must say, I thought I had my audience well-defined. However, what I found with the first few modules of the course was that I really wasn’t targeting my marketing well at all. I had made a lot of assumptions about what my audience wanted, and I think my low sign up numbers were a reflection of the fact that I had got that wrong. The Strategy document in Module 4 is a real game changer. It’s great to have everything in one place – it really brings order to my chaos! I now have a clear way forward and I’m working on implementing it. Thank you!

Ka Lun McLean
Founder, KSAGI Consultants

As an ecommerce consultancy, specialising in helping small business owners to generate sales on the Amazon platform, most of our business leads had come from in-person trade shows. However, a stronger focus on growing our online presence was required and the Live Content Strategy Programme was exactly what we needed to help us with developing content.

We now have a clearer understanding of our audience, brand and all the areas in the business that requires content, and a blueprint on how to strategically compose and execute it. I highly recommend the Live Content Strategy Programme and the inclusion of the live calls were invaluable to ensure action was taken in an important part of the business for all entrepreneurs.

Guy Johnson
Sunshine Coast Buyers Agency

I recently attended the Brilliant Content Academy Content Strategy Programme as one of my businesses needed to deploy a solid social media strategy and we needed the right guidance to ensure we kicked things off on the right foot.

Throughout the course, Camille provided the structure, thought process and clarity we needed to bring all the components of our content together and delivered it effortlessly into bite sized chunks of information that were easy to understand and apply to our business.

Following the course, we have seen greater engagement in our posts and we have the right toolkit internally to help guide us over the next 12 mths of content.

I highly recommend you connect with Camille and her team.

Michele Luminato

I was blown away by how simple and achievable Camille made the process. Truly amazing training! I was able to see how to create timeless, reusable content in a way that made it relevant to my targeted audiences. The targeted audience profiling and brand voice also taught me how access them on a deeper level. All this ultimately led to creating a real strategy that I could implement right away. Thank you Camille, a real life saver.

Clara Vuletich
Strategy & Training for Sustainable Fashion

The Content Strategy Programme was a great introduction to developing a content strategy for my consultancy and training business. It helped me get clear on my audience, to understand my brand offer better and to develop an overall content strategy that is consistent and builds a bigger and more engaged audience.

Geeta Powani
Owner, My Mia's Skin Relief

My name is Geeta I have an ecommerce store called My Mia’s Skin Relief.

I would highly recommend the Content Strategy Programme for any small business owner who needs to create a structured approach to create content for their business (including email, blogs, and social media).Camille’s comprehensive experience takes you step by step through your businesses brand, your audience, the language, strategy and structure and ensuring this content is aligned with your business vision and mission.

The value of this training program cannot be underestimated, because by the end this program I now have a clear roadmap for content that I am launching for my business for the next 12 months. I am no longer flying by day by day, hoping I will post something to my email list, blog site or social media - I now have a plan, with dates and I feel a huge weight taken off my shoulders because I no longer have to stress about ‘what will I write about?’.

And these skills I have learnt on this training program are not only helping me now, but have laid down a great foundation to help me with my business going forward.

Hello! I'm Camille, the founder of The Brilliant Content Agency. I am a communications strategist and a specialist in helping B2B businesses find and engage the right people to work with.

Knowing exactly how to impact your audience is vital for businesses who are actively looking for
sustainable growth and want to leave the 'feast or famine' struggle behind

I have been working with people across a wide variety of industries, helping them get astounding results with simple, achievable campaigns for over 10 years. I know successful content is not about the size of your list, the revenue of your business or the volume of content you publish.

It's all about the relevance of your content for the people you really want to work with.

I look forward to showing you how you can leverage the knowledge and skills you already have, to create communication strategies that impact your audience in exactly the right way for your business.

Camille ?

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