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Social media and content – healthy co-dependency

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In terms of business evolution, social media is very much the new kid on the block – novel, full of possibility and not quite fully understood. Because technology allows almost instant delivery of  data analysis, we are able to assess and refine various ideas and techniques for effectiveness, reach and cut and dry ROI.

Even still, with all the information that has been gathered and analysed over the past few years, it is only recently that the importance of original content has been understood – and the co-dependency of social media and blogging has become apparent.

Doing one without the other is to reap less than half the benefit of creating a cohesive strategy around both.

While many businesses see sharing content as the core of their social strategy, they miss the fundamental fact

You are doing someone else’s marketing for them. For free.

By weighing your content 80/20 (80% your own content, and 20% relevant curated content) you will build a solid body of original content that can be reused and repurposed.

How to integrate your social with you content

1) Create some great content
Blog posts, whether they are written, videos, slideshows or cartoons, should always be your own work. Even curating a list is your own work.

2) Publish it on your own website first.
Some businesses are skipping their site altogether and publishing original work onto platforms such as LinkedIn Pulse. Always always publish to your own domain first. Mostly because you want Google to index the content on your site before he finds it anywhere else, and secondly, you don’t don’t have control of your content if it is on another platform – laws change, policies change and sites get hacked.

3) Broadcast on social media for maximum exposure
Provided you know which social channel your audience is using, blast away – the more useful, interesting content you can produce to fill up your social channels, the better your results will be – more follows/connections, likes and shares, all of which add up to greater reach – and potentially, more clients.

4) Analyse your post’s performance
Using apps such as Google Analytics, you can track the performance of your posts on the various social channels. You can also use apps such as Bitly, Hootsuite, and Co-Schedule to analyse how popular your social links back to your posts are. LinkedIn Pulse literally tells you how many eyeballs have seen your post. And your social sharing buttons on your site are also a good indication of how popular a post has been.

Simply re-posting other content on social media won’t do much for your business – and creating original content and not broadcasting it to the greater internet is pointless.

Create it, broadcast it, analyse it and see what it does for your business.

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