At Brilliant, we are passionate about communicating. We love to play with words, using them to carry your messages across the Internet to your audience.

The majority of your clients will first find you online.

They will stumble across you on LinkedIn; when was the last time you were there? They will search you via Google; do you have a verified business page? You will pop up on a FaceBook feed; who’s running that account again, is it Susie on reception? Or through Twitter; we have a Twitter account?… and then they will head to your website; what will they find there?

We are acutely aware of how your standard of communication across all channels affects the way people perceive you.

We know:

  • clarity of message will cut though the noise and get peoples attention
  • there are small details that say big things about your professionalism.
  • how to turn each and every online touch point your audience have with your business into an ambassador for your brand

Camille founded Brilliant Business Blogging in 2014 when she saw service-based businesses grappling with content marketing and the overwhelming amount of ongoing content they needed to publish.

They knew they needed to do it, however they didn’t know where to start – or how to keep going.

She has built a team of smart local writers, editors and proof-readers who are as passionate about the details of content as she is.

She believes content marketing is one of the most effective and economical ways to:

  • Build long lasting credibility
  • Create awareness of a brand, product or service
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Nurture valued existing clients
  • Attract new leads
  • Boost SEO
  • Maximise your social channels

Camille has developed robust methods and systems to help businesses of all shapes and sizes discover the right kind of content for their audience, the best format to deliver it in, and the right channels to broadcast it across.