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It doesn't matter what your goal is; more people knowing about you, a growing database, SEO support, or something - anything - meaningful to put on social media, you need content

The businesses who partner with us have established enviable reputations with their clients and peers.  They are unsure they are an obvious fit for content marketing because their product or service is a significant financial outlay, and it may be years, decades even, between purchase points. Quite often they have a substantial database of past and present clients, industry partners and prospects.

However, ongoing content is exactly what these businesses need to educate their contacts. It's all about building long term trust and engagement so when the time is right for them to make a purchase - you are the first business they turn to.  

It's your time to lead. We can show you how.


Creating content without a strategy is like jumping on a bus without knowing where it is going.

You will get somewhere, but it won’t be where you want to be... and you’ve blown your bus fare.

Our Content Foundation sessions make sure everyone is crystal clear on what you are doing.  And why.


There are many ways to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Uber is fine, unless you are going far, then an aeroplane is better. Content is the same.

Some types of content will take you further, faster than others. We make sure you have the right mix of content for the outcomes you want.


A strategy &  a content plan are worth nothing if nobody drives the process forward.

Part of our role is to make sure the schedule is always on track.

We select writers based on their industry knowledge, their exceptional language skills & their commitment to delivering consistent quality.

How we are helping other service based businesses:

BDH Solutions  rent and strata roll brokers

BDH Solutions have a niche real estate industry business. While their database is relatively small, they wanted to create a strategy around nurturing their list with content which would both interest and educate.

We started by creating a library of quality articles which were unlikely to date quickly - evergreen content. We then launched a bi-monthly newsletter which goes to their list.  

After each newsletter is sent, BDH Solutions receive a 5%  person to person response rate - direct phone calls and emails from their prospects. 

"BDH Solutions have been working with Camille and The Brilliant Content Agency for 3 years now. Content marketing wasn’t something I was every going to get around to myself so finding an agency who knew how to create and publish articles that make sense to quite a niché audience has been really good for my business. We’ve since started re-using articles in a regular newsletter with great success. The process of working with the team at The Brilliant Content Agency is very smooth. They are proactive in keeping everything on track and letting me know what opportunities there are to keep using the content we are creating."

Ross Hedditch, owner

BDH Solutions

Unilever Food Solutions + The Round Table

Working closely with experiential creative agency The Round Table, we have worked for over 3 years with their client, Unilever Food Solutions to develop a newsletter for their Aged Care Chefs. 

We create between 6 to 10 items of content each month to fill the RE:FRESH newsletter. We work closely with the Unilever Food Solutions to ensure the content remains relevant and inspiring for the audience. 

Recent survey results show the audience is very engaged and views RE:FRESH as a valuable resource

"We have partnered with The Brilliant Content Agency to provide ongoing content to our clients. For over two years, Camille and her team have been working closely with Unilever Food Solutions to create original content for their Aged Care Chef digital initiative, RE:FRESH. This newsletter is the first of it’s kind in this industry and Camille has been instrumental in developing engaging and inspiring written and video content in collaboration with our client. We have complete trust in The Brilliant Content Agency’s ability to reliably deliver content at the quality and standard required, and we appreciate the integrity and transparency with which Camille approaches this collaboration."

Guy Johnson & Alan Riva, Co-founders

RE:FRESH Aged Care Chef newsletter content

Just Better Care Inner West, St George, Sutherland and Eastern Suburbs

As a Just Better Care franchise owner of 4 branches, our client was looking to grow a list of qualified leads.

We worked closely with their FaceBook ads agency to create the content for an extensive lead acquisition campaign.

We created a branded opt-in offer report, and ongoing supporting articles targeted at a specific audience sub-set.

"As a franchise with 4 locations, one of our challenges has been creating reliable lead generation. In home care for the elderly and disabled is a niche market so engaging suppliers with expertise in this area was key to our success. The Brilliant Content Agency have been able
to step in and work incredibly collaboratively with our Lead Generation expert. They have been instrumental in the development of the overall strategy, and identified, and created key items of content, from reports, articles to videos. The combination of consistent quality and quantity means we are seeing real results."

Phillip Behr, Owner – Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Sutherland & St George

No matter what product or service you have, your ability to build awareness, credibility and trust in your market are essential.

Your audience is bigger than ever, however they have access to more information and less time to consume it. 

The good news is this: great content survives. Any business who creates a library of well considered, well crafted content will outlast the click-bait headlines, and the showy ‘pain-point’ posts. They will be seen as credible, trusted and grow a strong following of loyal clients and advocates.


80% of decision makers prefer to get information about you in a series of articles.

Do you have what they need?