Is your business a little listless?
You've heard it a thousand times - in the online world, your list is one of the most valuable assets[...]
How to make your audience feel great
Human beings LIKE to feel great! In fact, we spend a lot of time, money and energy making ourselves feel[...]
The essential opt-in offer guide
If you are a business who does business online (quick check, take down your website and turn off your email[...]
You don’t need bells and whistles. You only need three things.
Holding your content publishing deck together can seem almost impossible. For businesses with a lot on their plate, distilling all the[...]
How to plan for algorithm changes on social media platforms
This month's announcement from Facebook should serve as a stark reminder to everyone who has been relying on social media[...]
Our 5 favourite free content tools from this year
There is no limit to the number of apps, websites and online tools available to help you get content created[...]
Bend and flex your content strategy
Charles Darwin may not have had your content strategy in mind when he said It is not the strongest of[...]
What is the lifespan of your content?
Content is not, as we are led to believe, a consumable. Sure, the end user 'consumes' your information but for[...]
How not to brief a copywriter when you want great content
Imagine the joy of receiving well written articles for your website or newsletter; on time, on topic and proofed. All[...]
Raising your (brand) voice
Branding is not a logo. It is not a colour set. It is not a style guide and a choice[...]
Blogging no longer the big deal it used to be – all content publishing is HUGE!
The content train left the station about 5 years ago and for those who jumped aboard, the rewards have been[...]
How to get impressive results from a simple business blog
16 years ago not all businesses had a website. In fact many businesses weren’t sure they even needed a website[...]
Video blogging – how not to be awkward
There is no question - video needs to form part of your content strategy, particularly if you are looking to[...]
You’re not including these 3 types of content on your blog – are you?
Do you use your business blog as a catch-all place to put content that has no other place on your[...]
Is your content fit for purpose?
The first thing you did when you decided to start a blog for your business was to prioritise the reasons[...]
Are you connecting with your audience the right way?
Because our brains process vast amounts of data on a daily basis, a lot of what we consume feels seamless.[...]
Would you recognise your own blog in a line-up?
Your business blog is like your logo, it travels out into the world and represents you and your business. At[...]
Social media and content – healthy co-dependency
In terms of business evolution, social media is very much the new kid on the block - novel, full of[...]
Great big blog-stoppers and how to overcome them easily
We’ve all met them - big hairy, scary blog stoppers - the things that stop you from starting and continuing[...]
The lost art of (news)letter writing
For those of you who are running your business from under a rock with no internet connection, you may not[...]
2 ways to make sure your content library keeps growing
For ambition laden, bootstrapping small businesses, the world of online content marketing has been a boon! All you need is[...]
Great expectations – the reality of a successful content strategy
Regardless of the size of your business, one of the biggest content-killers around is unrealistic expectations. The higher your expectations[...]
So, what is their problem?
Knowing your audience is more than creating a persona - personas, psychographics and buyer profiles are fun to create and[...]
How to write great content even if you think you can’t write
One of the biggest hang-ups for people who want to create content for their business is the act of writing.[...]
What IS content marketing?
Ahhh the Internet - the greatest time saving invention that was ever added to our to-do lists. Online marketing, in-bound[...]
LinkedIn – are you on the Pulse?
For businesses who have been creating content for their blog for over 12 months, LinkedIn’s new blogging feature, Pulse is[...]
Why ‘passing the chips and dip’ is a bad social media strategy.
Social media - what to do with it, how to keep up with it, and when to ignore it is[...]
Trading in the relationship economy – how rich is your blog?
The relationship economy is here and it doesn’t matter what you sell and where you sell it - you need[...]
So what is your point?
You are passionate about you business. It is your favourite topic of conversation and when it comes to your blog,[...]
3 important reasons why your content needs images now!
In ancient times before language or the written word was created, humans communicated by using gestures and images or drawings[...]
How to know if you need to stop blogging now
If you do not have a clear content strategy, if you are creating content on the fly with no consideration[...]
Harvest the knowledge within
For businesses who are serious about content and who fully understand what regular content says about them- the relentless quest[...]
What does your blog say about you?
Blogging for business has been under the microscope lately. Are business blogs worth it? How good is the ROI? What[...]
The perfect viral engagement storm of Mad Max, Fury Road
It may seem unfair, when talking to business owners who are setting out on their content creation journey, to use[...]
5 things that won’t happen instantly with your content marketing
"Create fresh new content for your audience"  is the buzz-phrase of the moment and businesses are jumping on the bandwagon[...]
Become a social media master blaster!
Getting your blog up and running is a great step in the right direction. Posting regularly is even better. After[...]
The secret client you never knew you had!
Businesses who are serious about delivering great value to their clients spend time defining who those clients are. “I want[...]
Don’t run out of ideas for your content – look here!
It has long been known that the most terrifying thing to confront a writer is a blank page. For business[...]
6 mistakes that are killing your content
Every business can benefit from regularly publishing content. And most business owners like you understand that it is important -[...]
Gardening wisdom for content growth
Many people see blogging as a plug-in to their marketing plan and not a dedicated foundation stone such as an[...]
If you are asking this, you are asking the wrong question!
One of the main reasons businesses take their content seriously is the effect it has on their search engine rankings.[...]
Content is still King. Long live the King.
Social Media Examiner’s 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report claims that the creation of original content will be one of[...]


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