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Social Media Examiner’s 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report claims that the creation of original content will be one of the largest growth areas for online marketing over the next 12 months. What this means – in terms of your business – is blogging.

If your business does not have a regular consistent blog, you are missing out on these advantages:

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO can cost you a serious amount of money but you can keep your website on the front page of Google without spending a cent. By using your blog as a regular (Google LOVES regular) source of original (Google LOVES original) content you can stay in the forefront of Google’s mind and never miss a sweep. Done in the right way, your blog becomes Google’s ‘go to’ content for your site – and if your latest post is there, ready and waiting when Google does his big sweep of the internet, you will be rewarded with better rankings. Google changes their algorithms regularly and it is hard to keep up with each change, however you will never be ranked lower because you are consistently, regularly publishing original content.

Social Media

Love it or loath it – social media is here to stay. Ignore it at your peril or master it for your advantage – the choice is yours. By creating regular content and using social media to spread the word, you are putting your business out in front of some of the millions and millions of eyes that are glued to smart phones, tablets and computers at any given moment. Take time to nurture your audience on your social media channels and keep them interested with fresh, interesting and entertaining information.

A bonus hidden advantage of regular blogging:

Regular blogging will make you look at all aspects of you business, you will have to do research, subscribe to other blogs for inspiration and verify some long-held (but not necessarily still valid) beliefs. The depth of knowledge you have for you topic area will increase – which will help you better serve your clients, keep your audience interested and help to establish you as an expert in your area.

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