Your business has a hidden revenue stream,

and it's right at your fingertips


When you stay in touch with people who are already familiar with your brand, have experienced your services and trust you, they are faster, easier & cheaper to engage as clients, than finding new business.

Using content to move people into your marketing eco-system - and keeping them there with engaging material will build trust, credibility and create the kind of pre-sale loyalty other businesses dream of.

At the same time, you can establish your position as niche famous:

Sought after by those who matter, and invisible to those who are not your ideal client.

The benefits don't stop there - better brand presence, elevated reputation and greater market share. The list goes on.

Are you ready?

Engage, retain, convert

If your business has been running successfully for five or more years and you have a list of past, present and potential clients (regardless of the size of the list), you are leaving money on the table if you don’t have a strategy in place for nurturing and converting those untapped leads.

Organisations who invest in valuable communication with these people:

  • Build stronger relationships
  • Are more recognised in the market
  • Receive more loyalty
  • And significantly shorten their sales cycles
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Are more recognised in the market
  • Receive more loyalty
  • And significantly shorten their sales cycles

Many business owners and marketing managers we speak to already know how the strategic side of these campaigns work - it is the sustained effort required to consistently produce quality communications which sees up to 80% fail within the first 3 months.

The good news is, the effort required to run long term engagement campaigns has not only become faster, it is easier and cheaper than ever before.

How the program works:


Discovery - complimentary call
Not every business is ready for this kind of marketing. We have a quick chat to you to make sure this is right for you. If we're both happy, we book a time to get started. 


Getting Started - 45 minute zoom session
We make sure you have everything in place ready for the main workshop.


The 12 Month Plan - 2 hour zoom session (this can be 2 sessions if required)

In this session we design the template you will use for your content, create your 12 month plan, and create drafts of your communications - ready for you to polish and send out.


The Follow Up - quarterly review session 

We meet 3 times (each quarter)to review what you have done, what is working and what needs to be adjusted for the following quarter. 

In under 6 weeks you will: 

  • Create your strategy
  • Understand your tech needs
  • Plan 12 months of content
  • Send your first newsletter
  • Know how to track, and measure your results.

*no payment required 

Investment: $5,000 +gst 

Hello! I'm Camille, the owner of The Brilliant Content Agency.

I am a communications strategist and a specialist in helping B2B businesses find and engage the right people to work with.

Knowing exactly how to impact your audience is vital for businesses who are actively looking for
sustainable growth and want to leave the 'feast or famine' struggle behind

I have been working with people across a wide variety of industries, helping them get astounding results with simple, achievable campaigns for over 10 years. I know successful content is not about the size of your list, the revenue of your business or the volume of content you publish.

It's all about the relevance of your content for the people you really want to work with.

I look forward to showing you how you can leverage the knowledge and skills you already have, to create communication strategies that impact your audience in exactly the right way for your business.

Camille  💫