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What is the number one reason you want a content marketing strategy and plan?

About your brand

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Visual Brand Guidelines
Your tagline tells people what you do. The shorter your tagline, the better. Your tagline is part of your Brand Statement document.
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About your offer

What is your Primary Offer Briefly describe your offer – your product and/or services. If you have more than 3, list the three you most want to promote in your business
What is your offer – and what does it do for people , why do they buy it?
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About your audience

If you are unsure about how to define your audience, check the ‘needs more work’ box below
Define the audiences you want to focus on
These are the people you currently have in a database of any description (MailChimp, a .xls file etc).

Only include people you want to include in your content marketing. For example, you may not want to develop and send information to your suppliers, or you may be focusing on a specific group and offer. FIONA: What I need here is a table with two columns with 8 rows (row one is a title row) Current Clients Past Clients Prospects Suppliers Affiliates Other

Audience Group 1
Audience Group 2
Audience Group 3
More work needed

Existing content assets

There are two types of Content Asset needed to implement successful content marketing in a business. Internal documentation and external content assets.
Existing External Content Assets
Existing Internal Content Assets


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