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For businesses who are serious about content and who fully understand what regular content says about them– the relentless quest for fresh new perspectives and useful content can be a challenge.

What many businesses miss is the wealth of expertise sitting right under their noses.

You’ve gone to a lot of time and effort to employ people who have the right skills for their role, the right personality for your clients and the right disposition for your organisation. It can be a tricky mix but the right team can really help you move your business to the next level.

Getting your team to create content for your blog is a brilliant idea. There is not one person burdened with the weight constantly creating content. Your content is original and fresh, as there are different perspectives and ideas around your business. And you have posts scheduled months ahead so there is no stress.

It sounds ideal, but the reality is that getting your team on the same page and reliably contributing to your blog takes time and planning and some realistic expectations.

How to get your team on to the same page:

Make content part your job descriptions
Your team need to understand that creating content to a schedule is part of their job role. This aspect of their work needs to be clearly defined. You also need to provide training – not everyone can knock out 300-500 words in half an hour.

Provide training
Blogging is a relatively new cog in the great marketing machine. Many people have tried blogging or may even maintain a personal blog, but your business blog needs to suit your company and brand, be written for a specific audience and be consistent in tone and voice no matter how many people are contributing.

Play to peoples strengths
Not everyone likes to write – in fact many people claim they ‘can’t write’.  You need to find where each person’s strengths are – some people love writing, others love the camera, and others have a knack for distilling ideas into info-graphics. Variety will spice up your content and keep your audience coming back.

Allocate time for content creation
If you give your team an extra task, make sure there is time allocated for them to do it. Work with each person to determine how long they need and when the best time is for them to do it – some people work best in the mornings – others in the afternoons.

Appoint someone as the blog manager
At least one person must see the blog as a priority – they will have to keep the content schedule on target no matter how busy your team are, or what other deadlines are grabbing everyone’s attention. This person will make sure all blogs are submitted by the due dates, images are sourced, the posts uploaded, social media blasts scheduled and new topics are assigned as and when needed. The more proficient they are with social media, WordPress and programs such as Canva, the easier their job will be.

Once you have your team contributing, content creation will become a seamless part of your business. The benefits of consistent regular blogging range from brand awareness, increased site visits, improved visibility in the marketplace as well as establishing you as someone who is serious about your business.


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