How brand culture promotes super-growth

The oak tree is a symbol of strength and knowledge. It consists of many parts, including a thick canopy of beautiful leaves, a robust trunk, and an intricate root system. Without the powerful roots to hold the tree steady, there would be no solid trunk or abundant greenery. A thriving business can be imagined in the same way. 

At the centre of any successful business, a deep and strong purpose can be found. A purpose drives every action your business takes. This purpose brings a competitive advantage that cannot be replicated since no one else can access your business's deep-rooted mission. With a strong root system in place, we move up into the trunk. The trunk is only as strong as the people within the business, who believe in the mission deep beneath the ground. Within the branches are the fruits of your labour. The combination of solid roots and a strong trunk ensures a vibrant and fruitful canopy. 

From the beginning buds of a business through to its peak performance, roles and responsibilities will pass through multiple hands. Along the way, workflows will evolve and change - but not always for the better. Without a workforce connected consistently to a philosophy or purpose, your business will not thrive.

A company connected to its underlying purpose will flourish. Organisations who stay true to their core mission and communicate it clearly to employees will not only retain talent, but attract premium candidates to the business.

When the cultural integrity of the brand is consistent, championed by the leaders in the organisation and communicated clearly to the team, organisations benefit.

The Canva way

Australian company Canva was created with the mission to empower anyone in the world to design and bring creative ideas to life. Facing exponential growth, the business knew it needed to check in on its brand culture in order to attract the best people possible. The company mission became deeply embedded in its culture by empowering employees to remain creative. Employee benefits include complimentary meals, gym memberships and relocation budgets. Beyond that, they highlight the fact every individual has an impact towards the overall mission. Canva has since won multiple ‘best workplace’ awards, and as a result, continue to attract the best talent from across the world, with an impressive 370 per cent increase in job applicants, and better employee retention. 

Building this employee value proposition, or similar brand culture document, is essential. It will act as the custodian of your business and hold everyone from the receptionist - to the CEO accountable. Within it will be a consistent message throughout franchises and employees, will explain what it means to work at your business. 

Team-led client experience

Similarly, Virgin is a brand that consumers have high expectations of. Founder Sir Richard Branson is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world. He is known for his maverick style and ability to disrupt industries. But even people like Sir Richard Branson have a bad day every once in a while, which is why his passion and purpose alone cannot hold the entirety of Virgin and its  70,000 employees worldwide. Interestingly, Sir Richard once said: “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” He is saying that it’s of the utmost importance that employees hold the same values as its customers, so that they can effectively represent the brand. 

For an effective purpose, the people in the business must believe in what they are doing - and buy into it. At credit reporting company Experian, research uncovered that staff consistently went above and beyond leading to the business creating its purpose to ‘discover the unexpected’. The prospect was underpinned by four elements that were shaped by the people within the business. They included People First, Together We Win, Innovative, and Force for Good. The underpinning brand helps recruiters find the perfect candidates to fill roles, and staff continue to embody the brand as they move through their careers. 

As you can see, no matter how simple or complex your business’s mission may be, brand culture infuses everything we do from the everyday operations to the people we hire. Nurturing, understanding and capturing the purpose behind your business is key to the strength of your organisation.

Brand Culture is a two-way street

Creating a document which clearly communicates the essence of your brand and the experience of being part of the team is the first step in infusing a healthy, robust understanding of what is expected of your people, and importantly, what they can expect from your organisation. 

Too often businesses focus on what they want from their team, and forget to analyse what they can do to make their organisation 'un-leaveable. The post-covid WFA (work from anywhere) revolution has changed employee expectations and needs when it comes to how, when and where they work - internal culture, diversity, behavioural standards, career and personal support are all part of the toolkit organisations have to work with. The more holistically 'work' fits in with life, the more attractive it becomes. 

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