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If you are asking this, you are asking the wrong question!

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One of the main reasons businesses take their content seriously is the effect it has on their search engine rankings. Compared to the dark art of SEO, and the potential cost of outsourcing to so-called ‘specialists’* creating and publishing a regular content in-house is effective, cost-efficient, and easily measurable.

But even for those who have embraced their business blog there are questions that, no matter how much research is done, or how many experts consulted a solid answer cannot be found. One of the most persistent of these questions is:

“How long should my blog posts be?”

And as with these kinds of questions – the kind that are asked over and over again – it is not the answer that is elusive. It is the question that is the problem.

Because it is not the length of the post that needs to be considered. It is the impact of your post that is important. And where most people refer to Google as the benchmark for post length – “Google likes posts between 300 and 500 words long” is etched into the collective hive-mind of the internet – it is the audience you are writing for that provide the real-time data for the effectiveness of your content.

A high-impact blog post is:

✓    Usually (but not always) short and to the point
✓    Covers a single message that resonates with a specific audience
✓    Is not always written – it can be visual, video or a combination
✓    Is highly shareable
✓    Is extraordinarily funny, or educational or (better still) both.

If a post resonates with your audience it doesn’t matter if it is a 7 word info-graphic, a 1 minute video, or a 2500 word in-depth article. The fact is your subject, message and delivery have hit the mark with the right segment of your audience.
Not every post will have a high impact but the ones that do are invaluable. These are your hero posts, the posts that drive more engagement, help to build your community and ensure that your audience will be leaning in to hear what you have to say next.

*Do not get us wrong here – there are SEO businesses who get great results for a fair exchange of money, however there are a lot of charlatans spruiking unrealistic results using undisclosed methods for a hefty fee – they are easily spotted by arriving in your in-box unannounced claiming to be able to work miracles on your site traffic, but don’t get stung –  it is a case of buyer beware.

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