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LinkedIn – are you on the Pulse?

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For businesses who have been creating content for their blog for over 12 months, LinkedIn’s new blogging feature, Pulse is the gift that helps you keep on giving.

*since this article was posted, LinkedIn changed Pulse to LinkedIn Publisher… which really messed with our headline (so we kept it 😉

Publisher is a fresh new business-focused platform where your content can get fantastic exposure and help connect you with people who are looking for your product or service. Publishing your blog on LinkedIn Publisher will help establish your expertise, let your connections know you are serious about your business and expand your reach to those outside your connections.

But many people in business don’t understand what is appropriate to post on this platform. Is it for marketing, selling, or a ‘what’s happening’ news forum? To get you started on the right foot, here is a quick guide to using LinkedIn Publisher:

Use your own content
Your blog should live first and foremost on your own website – after all, this is content you have created for your audience, whether that be potential clients, current customers or Google – always post your blog on your own site first.
Once you’ve done that you can re-post your blog on LinkedIn Publisher.  You can post the entire content of the post or you can post part of the content and add a ‘read more’ link to drive readers back to your website. Either way is fine, it is a matter of what suits you best.

Make sure your content is useful
If you have created a solid content strategy, then LinkedIn Publisher can be a great way to attract more people to your business. The tone of this platform is ‘giving and adding value’. Post valuable, targeted content.

If you already have a few years of blogs up your sleeve, then you can also recycle your old posts – especially your most successful ones – there is a whole new audience out there!

Don’t post company news, sales spiels, or promotions
LinkedIn is a business platform – readers are looking for jobs, valuable connections and business opportunities. Publisher is a place to build relationships, not make sales, or talk about your latest project. Readers are looking for information that will enlighten them in some way.  By all means use your status (“share an update”) to talk about what is happening in your business and to re-share other content. Use Pulse for your original blog content.

Include a brilliant bio at the end
At the end of your post, include a great bio that briefly describes what you do, and a compelling call to action to send traffic back to your website, or a link to your Profile page.

Use the tags
When you upload your post, LinkedIn will prompt you to add tags to your post. You can choose up to 3 pre-set tags, find the ones most suited to your topic, audience and business to give your post the best chance of being found.

LinkedIn presents many opportunities to find new, relevant connections, but if you are already creating brilliant blog content, then Publisher gives you another avenue to start new relationships and reconnect with old ones. And as with all business blogging, try to keep a regular posting schedule so your readers don’t forget you!

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