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Don’t run out of ideas for your content – look here!

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It has long been known that the most terrifying thing to confront a writer is a blank page. For business bloggers, the blank screen with the blinking cursor can snap-freeze your creativity and leave you digging around for an alternative task  – the accounts, re-organising your archived files or searching for new LinkedIn connections.

“What to post” is one of the modern business persons biggest #firstworldissues.

Here are 5 fail-safe fall-back inspiration places so you never run out of post ideas.

1) TED Talks

If you have never heard a TED talk then stop reading this and click here immediately*! At the time of writing this post, there were approximately 1900 TED talks available. Almost no topic is left unturned and because each of the speakers is passionate about their area, the talks can be fascinating – and inspiring. Find talks that relate to your industry and use them to springboard ideas for your blog.

2) Leading industry blogs

All the best bloggers are reading blogs by the people who inspire them – in fact we got the idea for this post from HubSpot – their list for blog inspiration is here. Who are your industry leaders, and what are they blogging about?

3) New stories

This works better for some industries than others. Current news stories can be used by
having a different view to the news article,
using the article as further proof of your point of view
Creating a new idea from the topic.

4) Your customers

They are one of the greatest source of blog post topic ideas around. And we don’t mean case studies or testimonials, what your customers give you are problems – which you solve for them. And when you find a set of common problems, then you have a set of blog posts.

As an example, for us, here are three customer driven posts
◦    blog topic inspiration – a lot of our clients find it hard to come up with ideas – so we wrote this post!
◦    lack of time to blog – many businesses find it hard to make time to sit down and write a blog – so very soon we are going to show you how you can streamline your blogging process so it take a lot less time
◦    Can someone write my blog for me? – this is another question we get a lot – and the short answer is yes – in fact our Home Delivery service does exactly that.

5) Social Media

How social media works and what you should be posting is a big preoccupation with businesses. But what about what social media can do for you? Who are the influencers you are following, what are they posting online – and can some of their wisdom be turned into an article relevant to your audience?

So – you can see what we did there, can’t you?  We read that great post by HubSpot and using the same concept but our own ideas and thoughts on the topic, we wrote this post.

We crossed over with the TED idea but that is undeniably one of our favourite sources of inspiration too.

Right now you can try this:

Using each of the 5 points above, find at least 3 ideas from each source – that is 15 post ideas right there – Go!

*TED can be overwhelming – we recommend you start with this talk by Simon Sinek.


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