Intuitive Content Discovery

Deep work for purpose aligned business owners

For purpose driven business owners, creating content for your business can be a deeply personal process.


How you communicate really matters to you


You are deeply connected to what you do – and for you, the act of writing or talking to people is quite personal.
You work really closely with your clients to get the best results for them – it’s intimate.
It’s beautiful to hear; this level of care about what you put out into the world.
No matter what your purpose is – whether you are a bookkeeper, graphic designer, stonemason; you’re all deep thinkers!
But there is a hesitation…
Because of how mindfully you are connected to your purpose, you are afraid to really let your creativity flourish. 
This hesitation can be anything from believing you can’t write, to worrying about what others will think of your work (aka you!).
Like a chrysalis, you are all wrapped up snug in your cocoon of safety, which is comfortable, no doubt…
but imagine the butterfly you can become!
Over the years this program has helped lots of people realise their full potential when it comes to ‘butterflying’ their content.
It’s there to help you so you can open up your creativity and use it to produce content that will attract the people you really want to work with this year.

This transformative work will help you discover your true voice, helping you attract people you really love to work with so you can build a sustainable business doing what truly brings you joy. This is a heart-centred process that will enrich you.

We uncover the inspiration, confidence and motivation for you to be able to write what you need, when you need it. Don’t wait for the muse to arrive – she is with you already.


To enquire further about this program, email me and we can find out if now is the time for you.