The curious case for content in a crisis

When chaos strikes, humans – wisely – revert to survival mode. For business owners, every decision you make is based on the premise:

Will THIS keep our business alive?

Historically, in tough times, business survival always came back to ‘making the sale’. Any activity not directly contributing to the next paid invoice was jettisoned without further thought.

However modern crises - such as pandemics or economic downturns, are different is three very key ways:

  1. The internet – which means not all people are dependant on a ‘job’. Even those who have lost jobs can still, if they wish, create an independent income based on an online business.
  2. The internet – because everyone is online, computers are the hub. No matter what people are doing or looking for – they are doing and looking online.
  3. The internet – means online business is booming; online shopping is up, the explosion of online activity means support services are also busy; bookkeepers, postal services, food delivery. Online presentation is a new skillset – videographers, speaking coaches, editors. Products and services are still in demand.

Like water carving a new path, how business is done and how the money flows is changing; things might never be the same as they were, but the future probably isn’t the picture of doom portrayed in the media.

The online economy is bubbling away, and growing daily as more and more bricks and mortar businesses find their online pivot, and new businesses born of the times (see StageKings for a great example) pop up.

Online marketing, once the poor cousin of sales, is fast becoming a non-negotiable in our crisis survival packs.

Digital Presence; communication, brand status, credibility, service offerings, personality and engagement are increasingly an online discussion – and the fuel that drives all your activity is your content. Articles, downloads, videos, Brand Imprints, explainer videos, your core messages, podcasts …. the list goes on.

Find out how you can use content marketing to smooth out the bumps and blocks everyone encounters during times of uncertainty.