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Trading in the relationship economy – how rich is your blog?

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The relationship economy is here and it doesn’t matter what you sell and where you sell it – you need to connect with people.

Business is increasingly being conducted online, in different time zones, by people you may never meet in person. Building relationships with these people is becoming essential.

In the relationship economy your website is your shop-front, but your blog is the conversations you have with the people who walk through the door.

Creating a blog that is rich in valuable content is one of the easiest, most economical ways to create relationships online. Make sure your blog is regularly available where your audience is looking for it. And make sure it is consistent – in tone, topic and value.

What makes makes a good blog a great relationship builder:

It is not about you. It is about them.
Your blog needs an audience strategy. If you don’t understand who your audience is – and we don’t mean “women between the ages of 24 and 36 who want to get fit”, we mean “29yr old Mary who works too hard and is starting to get back pain from sitting down to much” and what they want – not “to get fit” but “relief from a sore back” – then you are throwing your services into the crowd and hoping they will land on the right person. It is opportunism and you can’t measure or refine opportunism. You need a strategy for your audience.

It is not about what you want. It is about what they need.
You know they need your service or product – you can see exactly how it will solve the problem. However, while you may be the very best chiropractor this side of the equator, Mary with the sore back doesn’t care about that -what she cares about is her back and getting away from the pain. Show your audience that you are the back pain expert – not that you are the best chiropractor.

It is not about keeping secrets. It is about sharing what you know.
There are no original ideas. There is only interpretation – and how you interpret something is what sets you apart from your competition. The more knowledge you share, the more your audience will want to hear from you. Knowledge is not only know-how, it is understanding, listening and connecting. Mary wants to know you ‘get’ her, that you have listened, and she’s not another client in the appointment book.

The relationship economy is the new way of business. People want connection. Relationship are built over time, with lots of small interactions. They want to feel heard and understood and they want someone they can trust to help them solve their problem. Your blog is the front-line, it is where these relationships start


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