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What does your blog say about you?

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Blogging for business has been under the microscope lately. Are business blogs worth it? How good is the ROI? What do they really do for your business? Do you really need to create all that content?

These are all valid questions – however the real question you need to be asking yourself is “what does my blog say about my business’?

While you are busy creating content that is worthwhile for your audience and relevant to your industry – the very fact that you are regularly creating and publishing this content says one very important thing:

I am serious about my business

Not only are you serious about your business (and who wants to deal with someone who isn’t), you are prepared to set in for the long run and continue to create content that inspires your audience.

Three ways to show – through your blog – that you are indeed serious about your business:

1) Publish regularly
It is no secret that the more frequently you publish, the more serious you appear about your business. It is also no secret that you must find a pace that suits your timetable and demands. Whatever you decide to do – make sure it is regular. Once a week is fine. Once a day is also fine (if a little relentless).

What will people think? They will think you are reliable and dedicated.

2) Be original
The internet is littered with same/same content. Business blogging is a little bit ‘Field of Dreams’ – go with your passion and let the audience find you – even if your audience is small, they will be dedicated and faithful. Be generic and your audience will also become generic. Your blog is a very smart way to show people how you are different to your competitors.

What will people think? They will look to your blog for new ideas and inspiration.

3) Broadcast your posts
Don’t hide your blog posts under a bushel. Make sure you are broadcasting your posts on your social channels. Punch above your weight to get noticed by the influencers in your industry and make sure your blog posts are out and being seen in as many appropriate places as possible.

What will people think?  They will see you as confident, happy to stand up for your ideas and opinions.


Blogging for business isn’t going away any time soon. People will always read and people will always want to find out more about your business if they are interested in what you have to offer. Create content that is strong, useful and relevant.

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